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Insanity Week 1 & Fit Test

January 25, 2014

Week 1 of Insanity is officially in the books!  I can’t say it was easy, nor can I say I was looking forward to the workout each day.

Day 1 – Fit Test
The Fit Test consists of a short warm up, followed by 8 exercises you do for 1 minute each.  After each exercise you record the number of reps performed for each exercise.  I also chose to only measure my weight and not all the other measurements the program recommends (for example: waist, hips, thighs, etc).  My results were as follows:

Switch Kicks: 116 (total)
Power Jacks: 48
Power Knees: 92 (right leg)
Power Jumps: 30
Globe Jumps: 9.5
Suicide Jumps: 17
Push-Up Jacks: 15
Plank Oblique: 46

Body Weight: 147.6 (I can’t believe I just put that out on the searchable interned!)

Keep in mind my results are going to be worse than some and better than others.  Everyone has a different starting point, all that really matters is that your own results improve over time.

Day 2 – Plyo Cardio Circuit
This is the only workout I really remembered from my first round of Insanity a few years ago.  Overall it wasn’t too bad until I hit all the abs work at the end.  All those months of only running for marathon training with no core work is coming back to haunt me!

Day 3 – Cardio Power & Resistance
This workout wasn’t as bad, and was worse than I thought it would be all at the same time!  Most of the work standing up was fine for me, but all the triceps dips and push-ups did me in!  I also seem to have a love/hate relationship with power jumps!

Day 4 – Cardio Recovery
Ah recovery … wait what’s that, this isn’t going to be a half hour of stretching?  Well crud!  Half an hour of holding/pulsing squats and lunges, my legs felt like jello and I could barely walk up the stairs!

Day 5 – 3 Mile Run with Dad
Today was supposed to be Pure Cardio, but my parents were in town and a run with Dad seemed like a much better idea.

Day 6 – 3.5 Mile Run with Dad
Instead of doing Plyo Cardio Circuit for the second time, I went for another run with Dad.

Day 7 – Rest


Since I’m sure someone will ask, I’m not following the diet plan.  I’m currently gluten and dairy free so instead of trying to force my dietary restrictions on the given plan, I’m sticking to my usual foods and trying to limit snacks.  One week in and I already feel like my pants fit better 🙂

4 Insanity Workouts
6.5 Miles Running

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