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Strength and Goals Revision

February 16, 2013

Almost 2.5 months after starting crossfit I’m still hooked.  Each week I’ve seen/felt improvement in my strength and overall fitness.  I’m almost willing to say I’m stronger now than when I was competing in NCAA Div III shot put and discus.

In my college weight room, there was a board listing all the athletes who had bench pressed certain weights.  I don’t remember what the three weights for men were, but I do remember for women the lightest bench press to get your name on the board was 100 lbs.  Multiple attempts over 4 years and I never had my name on the board.  I would always have a successful 95 lb bench press, but I was never able to hit the triple digits.  Fast forward to now and I’m still hovering just below the triple digit barrier in bench press.  As much as I want to finally bench press 100 lbs, I’m strangely OK with matching my best college effort.  Especially considering that was longer ago than I care to admit!

But while some of my lifts are the same as my college efforts, other lifts are better.  About a month ago I was able to back squat 153 lbs and knew I had more left in the tank.  In college I was never able to front squat/back squat/any squat more than about 110 lbs.  My front squat max is currently 125 lbs, more than what I could do in college, and well on my way to reaching my front squat goal.

Which leads me to my original crossfit goals for 2013:

1.  Front Squat 150 lbs
2.  Be able to do kipping pull-ups
3.  Clean & Jerk 120 lbs

I’m also making progress toward my clean & jerk goal, having accomplished 93 lbs a few weeks ago.  But now it’s time for some new goals.

4.  20 Kipping pull-ups (I can currently do 10)
5.  Get rid of the extra swing in my Toes to Bar
6.  10 Ring Dips
7.  Over 100 lbs for all lifts

I also entered the CrossFit Games Open!

Open Registration 2013

What’s so great about the Open is anyone can enter!  Even though I have no shot at regionals,  I’m still excited to see how well I can do, and how I compare to other crossfit athletes in my region.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video “The Only Thing Speal Quit”!

“What am I gonna do with all this fitness”  Love it!

Have you entered the CrossFit Open?  

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