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The ‘Death By’ Workout

December 20, 2012

Every morning I check what the CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) is going to be.  After-all, a girl has to know what to wear ;-).  For example, if we’re going to be running I’ll wear my current running shoes and pants.  But if it’s going to be a heavy lifting day, then I’ll wear old shoes and shorts.

Tuesday morning the workout was as follows:

Front Squat 3 rep max
Strict Press 3 rep max


Death By
Push Press & Deadlift

Just looking at the workout I had no idea what ‘Death By’ meant, but had a feeling it would hurt.  After a few minutes of internet searching I found out the Death By workout means with a running clock, do one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three reps the third minute, and so on until you reach 15 minutes or 15 reps.  The trick is as the minutes go by you get less rest in between sets.

We started with Push Press, I used 45lbs while Hubby used 65lbs.  For the first few minutes I figured I had this workout in the bag.  It wasn’t until I started minutes 9 and 10 that I could feel my form starting to go and it took a bit more effort to get in each rep unbroken.  By minute 15 I couldn’t do all 15 reps unbroken and had to put the bar down halfway through.  I’m happy to say I finished the entire workout but almost reach muscle failure on that final minute.

I also completed all 15 minutes in the Death By Deadlift, but I was only using 65lbs, a weight that was too light for me.  even in the 15th minute I was more bored with counting than I was worried about reaching muscle failure.  But, lesson learned.

Overall I completed 120 Push Press reps and 120 Deadlift reps.  My arms are sore, but not so sore I don’t want to move.  The more CrossFit WODs like this we complete, the more I’m convinced CrossFit is the sport for me!

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