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Spring Weather

March 22, 2012


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It looks like the spring weather is here to stay.  For the Puppy that means good-bye undercoat and hello swimming pool!

Last summer we bought one of the plastic kiddie pools for the Puppy; she’s not spoiled or anything!  It quickly became her favorite activity.  If we empty it, she’ll stand in the pool and cry until we fill it back up.  I like to think the pool is a close second to snow for the Puppy.  Of course, when she plays around in the snow, the whole house doesn’t smell like wet dog for the remainder of the day!  We took a video of Puppy playing in her pool: Puppy in her Pool

I hope you like the video.  The object she’s playing with isn’t a bath toy, it’s one of her rawhides!  It’s now closer to the consistency of parchment.  She then proceeded to cart the sopping wet rawhide all over the house with her.  It was just too cute to say no.

While Puppy was playing in the pool, we discovered the carpenter bees have been attacking one of the posts in our deck.  They were bad last year and we knew the post would need to be replaced, but we didn’t realize just how bad it was.

There are about 6 holes with tunnels connecting each of them.  Luckily the bees haven’t gone after any other part of the deck.  As my Mom likes to tell me, “It’s always something”.  So true.

For workouts today, I got in another run, some foam rolling, a swim, and a little extra cardio.  Tomorrow another run, a bike ride, and a new Puppy Treat!

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  1. March 26, 2012 7:29 am

    Love the puppy video!! Adorable! 🙂

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