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Bugs and Running

March 20, 2012


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Today was another beautiful afternoon, perfect for a run.  Plus … it’s spring!!!  The flowers and trees are starting to bloom, the wind is warm instead of cold, and the bugs are out.  Wait the bugs aren’t a good thing.  Not only have the spiders started invading my house ensuring I walk through their webs every morning on the way to my car, but the gnats are swarming, which is the real problem.  Well let me clarify, swarms of gnats are really only a problem when running outside.

Take today’s run for example; about mile 2.5 I was chugging along lost in my thoughts when I encountered said swarm.  You would think I would have had the foresight to shut my mouth, but no, I didn’t.  I guess I was fortunate I ended up only eating one gnat but as oblivious as I was at that point it was quite a shock.  I’m sure to anyone passing by I looked completely spastic in my efforts to spit the gnat out and keep running all at the same time.  Clearly I would not be a good candidate for walking and chewing gum at the same time!

Other than the bug incident, the run went well.  I’m not really up to speed compared to where I was pre-marathon, but it’s getting better.  I just need a little bit for this weekend so I can PR at the Tune Up Tri 😉

In other racing news, I am now officially registered for the Run Amuck!  This was by far my favorite race last year.  I ran it with a friend without a finish time in mind and it was so much fun.  The only thing I would change from last year was remembering to bring a towel and dry socks for after the race!


No work for me tomorrow!  That means I have the entire day to get in every workout I can think of!  Any suggestions?

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