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Walking When Necessary

March 19, 2012


100 Miles for HHT – Donation Page

Yesterday was long run day.  I had 10 miles planned, mapped out, and I was ready to run.  That’s where the good ended.  I got as far as my doorstep when I realized the memory on my watch was full.  Doh!  Back into the house to download all my previous workouts.  Puppy was so confused when I walked back in the door only a few minutes after leaving only to stand around and then leave again.  At least I gave her a treat on the way out to make up for teasing her.

About half a mile into the run my knee started to hurt, and not in the way I could just outrun after a mile or so.  Nope, this was IT band pain again.  The pain I’d become so familiar with during the marathon and for two months after the marathon.  Instead of turning around I figured I would keep going and stop to stretch every few miles.  Eventually the pain did sub-side a bit and I was able to run the first 5.5 miles without much trouble.

Mile 5.5 was the local YMCA.  Hello water fountain!  I also stretched both hips as much as I could before starting home.

I knew it would be difficult to start back up, but I didn’t think it would be difficult to keep myself going once I did start back up.  I made it to mile 7 before I started to walk.  Seven miles seems to be a running theme when it comes to the long run for me.  From my previous long runs in Cold & Windy and Back to the East Coast it seems like I just can’t quite push myself past the 7 mile barrier.  Since I was still a little ways from home I didn’t really have a choice except to keep going.  I told myself I would only walk a quarter-mile, but it ended up being closer to half a mile.  Oh well, at least I got going again.  I ran one more mile and then walked the rest of the way home.

After stretching and proving to the Puppy I was not going to immediately leave again, I downloaded my run only to find my watch didn’t record speed or distance for the first part of my run.  I don’t analyze my running data like I probably should but I still like to know my mile split times and my overall time.  Without distance, that overall time really doesn’t mean much.  At that point the only thing left to do was have a recovery protein smoothie and soak in a hot bath, preferably at the same time 😉

Did you do a long run or race this weekend?  How did it go?

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  1. LCS permalink
    March 19, 2012 10:35 pm

    I wish I could do 7 miles. I guess I can in the car!

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