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Cold and Windy

March 12, 2012


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This weekend was about what I expected.  Saturday evening I went for a run even though I really didn’t want to.  My goal was to run 10 miles, but to motivate myself to get out the door I had to tell myself I would just run as far as I could even if I didn’t make it to 10.

I felt good when I first started out, but as I got further and further into my run, the wind and cold started to eat away my resolve to run the full 10 miles.  I also made a HUGE mistake around mile 6 … I looked at my watch.

Some days, looking at my watch can motivate me to run faster or farther, but not Saturday.  Until that point in my run, the watch would beep every mile, but I hadn’t actually looked at it.  Probably because I didn’t want to confirm just how slow I was going.  A little ways into mile 6, I decided to see how long I had been running and the watch was blank!  What the … ?  I kept staring at the watch as if I could magically force it to display number.  Even better if it would display the numbers I wanted to see 😉

I was too afraid the watch would reset if I tried pushing buttons to see if I could fix the problem (I figured out later had I hit any of the buttons it would fix itself) and just kept going.  Another half mile later (I think) and my resolve to keep running was gone.  It was all I could do to hit stop on my watch (surprise, surprise it fixed itself) and climb the stairs back to my room.  I spent the next 15-20 minutes stretching and just watching the water.

I was completely spent and my whole body ached after my run Saturday.  But I’d rather have a bad run in training than on race day.

Have you seen the poster going around with the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride with the quote “We just sucked one hour of your life away.  How do you feel?”   His crying reaction in the movie is exactly how I felt Sunday morning.

I already had to get up early Sunday morning, and trying to decide at 4am if my phone and clock were correct was more than I could handle at that early hour!

I intentionally didn’t set the clock ahead an hour before going to sleep thinking if the clock was an hour behind the phone I would know the phone had reset.  What I wasn’t counting on, was the clock resetting itself.  So when my alarm went off, the phone and clock said the same thing!  For 10 minutes I waffeled back and forth between going about my normal routing and panicking.  I know, thinking about starting to panic because I’m already late for 10 minutes kind of defeats the purpose of panicking.  But at that hour, this seemed like a very important decision.  In the end, I decided if I was really running an hour late, someone would call me!  Luckily everything worked out and I was on time.

Sunday night after the long drive home (thank goodness for coffee) I did some light yoga and crashed.

Goal for this week: try to run at least every other day!  What’s your goal for the week?

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  1. March 14, 2012 6:20 pm

    Hey! Just stopping by to say hello. I just started Asylum on Monday and it’s been murder already. Great post! 🙂 CFC


  1. Walking When Necessary | Running for HHT

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