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Back to the East Coast

March 3, 2012

Well my trip to CA is over and I’m back on the east coast.  Even though I was in CA for work and didn’t get in any sightseeing it’s still sad to have left.  Especially leaving the beautiful scenery behind.

I’m happy to say that I was able to get a workout in every night and was even able to increase my running mileage.  Monday night I went to the hotel gym and ran on the treadmill.  There was a running/biking paved path next to the hotel but I didn’t want to tempt fate and go running by myself after dark.  Don’t worry, I did eventually make it to the path for a run.

The hotel gym was actually a small local gym in the shopping plaza attached to the hotel.  They had all types of weight machines, cardio machines, free weights, and a few areas to stretch.  By far the best hotel gym I’ve used.

Before going to the gym to run Monday night, I went to and did a quick search through their Yoga for Runners videos.  I found a 20 min Pre-run workout and decided to try it.  I’m typically horrible at properly warming up for a run and this short yoga class was exactly what my body needed.  The class was almost entirely stretching in poses that require a lot of strength to accomplish.  So not only are you stretching everything required for the run, all those muscles and tendons were loose warmed up.  I will definitely be doing this video before all my runs 🙂

When I got on the treadmill Monday night I wasn’t sure how far I would actually try to run.  I really wanted to run 5 miles, but the way things have been going, I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle that.  I deliberately set the treadmill at a slow speed with 1% incline and got running.  I typically hate the treadmill, but just being on a new treadmill made it tolerable.  As usual the first 1.5 miles were the worst, but after that I started to zone out and allow myself to daydream.  Before I knew it I was at 4 miles and still feeling great.  As long as I was feeling ok, I decided to run for the full hour and just see what the distance was.  I ended up running just under 6 miles.  Such an improvement over my other recent runs.  My breathing also seems to be under control again!

After my run I stretched as much as I could, then went back to and completed their Post-run workout.

Tuesday I felt like I could have run again, but didn’t want to put the strain on my legs two days in a row.  Instead, I did a Peak 8 Fitness workout.  Peak 8 is very similar to Tabata intervals.  You do 30 seconds of intense, as hard/fast as you can go, intervals followed by a slightly longer period of “rest”.  Aside from the reported cardiovascular gains, what really drew me to this workout was the duration … it’s only 20 minutes!  I’ve done this workout twice and am convinced this workout is what has made it possible for me to breathe normally during my runs and why I was able to run almost 6 miles without issue.

Wednesday was a rest day, but Thursday was another run day.  But before I tell you about my run, after lunch my co-workers and I were taken to Psycho Donuts.  This place was unreal.  From the street, you could see eyeballs in the window, but when you got up close, the eyeballs were moving side to side!

The no pets sign was also amusing:

Once inside, there was a telephone booth with padded walls and mirrors on the wall with the caption “Psycho of the month”!

After work it was still fairly early so I quickly changed into my running gear, did the Pre-run workout and headed off to the running/biking path.  The path was wonderful!  Paved, for the most part flat, and straight.  This was a great path to just run and completely lose yourself in daydreams.

I wish we had a path like this at home.  I didn’t even look at my watch until I was 45 minutes into my run.  I started to feel a little tired after the mile 6 mark, but since I was only running 7 I just sped up a little and tried to finish strong.  My last mile even turned out to be my fastest mile 🙂  Completing this run makes me feel a little better about the 15K coming up in just 4 weeks.  Can’t wait!  The 15K will bring me 9.3 miles closer to my goal (Donation Page).

Friday it was time to go home.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to California.  Where’s your favorite place to travel?


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