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February 9, 2012


Technically this quote is about baseball, but since A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies, I’ve decided to use it as motivation for running.  I don’t think MY running is Great in the same sense as the quote, but I always feel better after I’ve finished a run.

For today’s run I got to run with a friend.  Well, we both ran around the same track since we run at different paces.  Today he started training for his first 5K!  I’m so excited he decided to sign up for his first race and begin training.  I hope crossing the finish line is as great a feeling for him as it was for me when I finished my first 5K.

I ran just over 2 miles today as a short speed workout.  My goal was to run each mile under 10 minutes and guess what … my average pace was 9:14 per mile!  I’m thrilled I broke the 10 minute mark and was able to hold the pace for both miles.  I hope that speed continues through the race on Sunday.

Continuing with what has become normal for me, my legs felt great but my breathing left something to be desired.  I know my breathing will get better with time but I’m still frustrated I’m not improving faster.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday.  Tomorrow is Friday, and that means homemade Puppy Treats!

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