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Running in the Rain

January 12, 2012

Today was my first hill workout of the year and was also going to be my first outdoor run of the year.  As luck would have it, by the time I got home from work it was raining.  I didn’t really want to try and do a hill workout on the treadmill so I picked my favorite t-shirt, pain now … wine later, out of the closet and got ready to go out in the rain. 

I decided I didn’t want to look weird essentially goose stepping down the street so I did my warmup drills inside.  Puppy thought we were playing a game and kept chasing me.  Since she was so energetic I put her in her harness and took her with me.  She was thrilled to be out in the rain and running; her two favorite activities. 

Today’s run went well.  The hill I decided to use was just the closest hill to home not my all out effort hill but I’m sticking to my plan to start small.  It felt good to run and my stride doesn’t feel awkward anymore.  I also felt comfortable enough to finish my run without having to convince myself to not walk, a major improvement from Sunday. 

Even though it wasn’t raining too hard when we started, it was pouring by the time we finished our last hill repeat and started home.  Both of us were soaked when we walked in the front door.

What you can’t see in this picture are the puddles forming next to my feet!  I’m also hoping to finish an About Me section tonight to have an ActiveGiving site set up for donation to the HHT Foundation.  Tomorrow I’ll go to Muscle Pump in the morning then do a light core workout in the evening.  Almost Friday!
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