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Training Day 1

January 9, 2012

I’m officially registered for the Unite Half Marathon. 

Now that I’m registered for one of my planned races, I feel like the year is really starting and my plans are being put in motion.  The half isn’t my first race of the season; I’ll have a few smaller races between now and then but for now the half will be my focus for training. 

Today was my official first day of training for 2012.  I also tried my new footpod and it worked wonderfully!  I wish I could say it was easy to pair it to my GPS watch, but it wasn’t.  Hubby kept yelling 10% at me.  You know the 10% rule right?  You have to be 10% smarter than whatever you’re trying to operate!  But one google search later I figured out you have to be moving for the footpod to pair to the watch.  They really should put that in the instructions. 
Once I got the footpod paired, I set my watch to indoors and started my run.  I’m sad to say I’m horribly out of shape. Today’s run was only one mile, but it felt terrible. My breathing was completely out of whack and my legs felt weak. But on the plus side, my IT bands don’t hurt anymore!!! Even though today’s run didn’t go well, as long as my IT bands say pain free I’ll be able to get back to where I was running wise. 

This year I’m also committing to stretching after every run.  I didn’t stretch faithfully after each run last year and I’m positive that’s why I ended up with IT band pain.  I’ve also noticed I’m a lot tighter than I used to be, so that alone is motivation to work on my flexibility. 

The Puppy also got in a little exercise tonight with the exercise ball. 

Tomorrow I’ll start the strength portion of my training program.  Even thought the workouts are a struggle right now, I know they’ll get better as long as I stick with the training program.  Here’s to a good start.  Have a great week!

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