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3396 Miles

January 6, 2012

It’s 2012!  Time to start training!

I still can’t belive the holidays and my favorite part of the year are over.  We started the holidays with a trip to see my parents.  Puppy didn’t go with us, but she had a great time meeting new friends at her boarding center.  The 5 days spent with my parents was wonderful, we got to visit with family, relax, and watch family open their gifts.  My favorite little gift was Emergency Chocolate. 

Emergency Chocolate: For immediate relief of chocolate cravings, lovesickness, exam pressure, mild anxiety, and extreme hunger.  Directions for use: tear open wrapper, break off desired dosage, and consume.  Alternatively massage into the affected area.  Repeat dosage as required until finished.  If symptoms persist consult your local confectioner.

Emergency Chocolate: For immediate relief of interceptions, turnovers, fumbles, penalty flags, and attempted plays gone bad.  Directions for use: the clock has stopped, this is your timeout.  Snap off desired amount and feel it melt in your mouth.  TOUCHDOWN!  But keep an eye out for the tight end, they might tackle you for a piece!

Some of the gifts we ordered were from Amazon.  The box was priceless.

One of the gifts we received, was partially a gift for us and partially a gift for the Puppy! 

After our time with my parents was over, we drove home, picked up the Puppy, and spent a night at home unpacking, doing laundry, and repacking.  The next morning we started our marathon road trip to Kansas with the Puppy.  The trip took almost exactly 24 hours.  Hubby and I switched driving so we could drive straight through.  Amazingly Puppy slept almost the entire trip.  As soon as the sun went down she fell asleep. 

Each stop along the way, she would wake up and look around but would fall asleep again as soon as we got back on the road. 

We finally made it to Kansas and spent 4 days visiting with family and meeting the newest members of the family.

Finally it was time to start the long drive home.  Puppy wasn’t quite as thrilled to be in the car again, but she spent the drive home much the same way she spent the trip to Kansas.  On the plus side, on the trip home I was able to get some planning done for my running.  I’ve decided to try and follow the Intermediate Half Marathon Training plan in Smart Marathon Training by Jeff Horowitz.  The plan calls for a lot of cross training on the bike and only running 3 times a week!  I’m hoping only running three times a week will not only help me stick to the training plan, but also not make my IT bands angry. 

All in all we traveled 3396 miles.  Now we’re home and aside from going to the grocery store have avoided getting back in the car. 

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