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Weekend Activities

December 19, 2011

Since my IT bands are still on the fritz, Friday’s run turned into a hike instead.  So Hubby and I packed our Camelbaks, loaded the Puppy into the car with her long lead and off we went. 

We were a little worried the trail would be too muddy, but luckily only patches of the trail were muddy and we were able to just walk around them.  Puppy, however, was thrilled with the mud and jumped in with all four paws!  She also tried to go swimming in one of the deeper puddles. 

A few hours later the Puppy was exhausted, muddy, and extremely happy.  We, however, were not exhausted but after almost 45min swimming laps at the Y, we were ready to spend some time relaxing. 

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning the house, which meant using the vacuum cleaner.  So even though we didn’t get any more exercise this weekend, the Puppy did.  Now if only I had finished my Holiday shopping this weekend!   

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